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HTML Newsletter Management
Keeping in touch with your customer base is a vital part of running an online business. If you have something to say, a new limousine to promote, a seasonal sale or you just want to drum up some repeat business, then you don't want to have to wade through your customer accounts individually.

Not only that, but... can you build your own HTML newsletter? Chances are, you can't. If you CAN, then I guarantee that you wouldn't be able to do it in just a few seconds.

With the LimoPlanner Newsletter Generator you have the choice of three different design styles, which you then just populate by entering the IDs of the limos you wish to feature within the newsletter. Write your own headline, and your own introductory text... save it... and you're done. Now you have a newsletter stored for either immediate use, or later use. You can choose to view the text version, view the HTML source code, preview the final newsletter in full HTML, send a test newsletter to your site admin or take the plunge and just send the newsletter out to your ENTIRE customer database,

As far as security is concerned, the LimoPlanner Newsletter Generator utilises the very secure AuthSMTP service to send out the newsletters, reducing the risk of sending too many emails in a short space of time to absolutely zero. The ideal way to keep in touch with your customers.


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