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LimoPlanner Features

Easy to use customer interface
We want your customers to have an easy time. After extensive research, it was clear to us that most limo hire companies over complicate things by asking too many questions too early on in the booking process. It's absolutely unecessary. Ultimately, all that matters is where the customer is being picked up, where they're going, and what date they require the booking for. To that end, LimoPlanner offers two styles of booking and asks only the most basic questions to get the ball rolling...

A to B booking
Customer is collected from their location and is transported to another location on a set date, at a set time. Booking is made based on the distance between the two points and the time which will be required to make the journey, so the following questions are asked:

  • Collection postcode
  • Destination postcode
  • Pickup time
  • Booking date

Cruising booking
Customer is collected from their location and is driven around the city in the limo as a mobile venue. Booking is made based on the number of hours that the customer wishes to hire the limo for, so the following questions are asked:

  • Collection postcode
  • Pickup time
  • Booking date
  • Booking length

Realtime Distance and Journey Time Calculation
If your customer is requesting an A to B style booking, LimoPlanner automatically calculates the distance "as the crow flies" between the two postcodes and immediately makes allowances for typical traffic congestion, as well as factoring in your default speed in order to return an actual "booking length". Within the space of a second, the length of the booking is calculated and the software checks the availability of your limos to see which cars are available for the required booking.

Realtime Limousine Availability
As soon as LimoPlanner knows how long the booking will be for, the LimoDiary is cross referenced to see which cars have already been booked for that specific period. Your customer is immediately shown all available cars, along with their main thumbnail images, number of seats, and the hourly rate.

Realtime Booking Quotation
When your customer clicks through to whichever limo they'd like to book they are immediately shown the full details for that specific limo (which are also available to anyone browsing your Fleet, prior to placing a booking) as well as a comprehensive live quotation detailing every aspect of their booking. Special seasonal rates, subsidies for outlying areas, and any additional charges or discounts are all displayed clearly and concisely so that your customer is never under any illusion as to what they are paying for.

Realtime Limo Booking
Assuming your customer is happy with their realtime quotation, they will click on the "place booking" button and will immediately be asked to either log in (if they are an existing registered customer) or check out without registering (with the option to register while checking out). It is only at this stage that you ask them for any other personal information, which means that they have managed to find out the exact cost of their booking, and select the limo which best suits their style by answering between three and four questions and not have to wait for your administration staff to get back to them with a quotation and vehicle availability. As soon as they click on the button to complete their booking, their chosen limo will automatically be classed as unavailable for those hours required, and the LimoDiary will be updated immediately.

Total Flexibility and Control
It is obviously unreasonable for your cars and drivers to travel to an area which makes it counterproductive to take the booking, and LimoPlanner allows you to set your own thresholds for bookings to make sure this never happens. Within your preferences area, you simply enter the postcode for your base of operations and enter a radius which you deem to be acceptable for bookings. For example, setting your base of operations to W1 and the radius to 100 miles means that anyone trying to place a booking with a pickup postcode which is more than 100 miles outside London's West End will return an apology for the booking being outwith the operations area.

Average Speeds
In order to calculate a typical journey time for the A to B style of booking, LimoPlanner needs to know what your typical rate of travel is. If your company is based in a rural area with a higher speed limit, connected to motorway then your vehicles would be travelling at a much higher speed than a company based in a busy City Centre location with local pickups. As an example, a 5 mile journey may take only 15 minutes in a rural area but may take more than 30 minutes in a busy area, so LimoPlanner needs to be able to calculate a realistic journey time in order to return a more accurate quotation for your bookings. As soon as you enter your typical rate of travel, LimoPlanner will use this value for all calculations.

Seasonal Rate Changes
Part of the LimoPlanner administration area is the versatile Pricing Diary Manager which allows you to select any month from the next two years and change the hourly rate for ANY of the dates to allow for seasonal changes. For example, leading up to Christmas it may be your policy to charge an additional £50 per hour for your bookings, so you would simply select December from the diary and enter "50" into whichever days you want to charge the additional rates on. When the realtime quotation is being calculated, these pricing changes are taken into consideration and your customer is shown the seasonal subsidy on their summary page prior to placing the booking. This is ideal for Valentines, Mother's Day, Proms, Christmas, New Year etc

Individual Limo Rates
As no two limos are the same, you should have the flexibility to charge appropriate rates for each of your cars. With LimoPlanner you set a base rate for your overall bookings and then enter a separate additional rate for each particular limo. This means that, if most of your cars are the same rate, you won't have to enter a separate rate for each of them, just those which are more expensive than your base rate.

Limo Diary Manager
In order to quickly check the diary for any individual limo, you simply select the limo from the drop down box, then the month and year (which will always default to the current month and year) and you're instantly shown the entire month to view in standard calendar format, with any "free days" (days with no bookings) shown in green and all "booked days" (days with ANY bookings) shown in red. Clicking on any of the days will show you the full day split into 24 blocks of one hour each, including the name of the person to book the limo for that hour, and a link to view their booking invoice in full



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