Ingenii at a glance

>> Realtime Limo Availability
>> Automatic Address Completion
>> Automatic Upgrades
>> Booking Status Control
>> Corporate Accounts
>> Customer Account Management
>> Customer Invoice Management
>> Deposit on Booking
>> Detailed Statistics
>> Dynamic Pages
>> Easy to Use Admin Area
>> Easy to Use Customer Area
>> HTML Emails
>> HTML Newsletter Management
>> Image Slideshow / Enlargements
>> Image ZIPfile Uploads
>> Limo Add / Edit / Delete
>> Limo Diary - Day to View
>> Limo Diary - Month to View
>> Limo Diary - Week to View
>> Limo Diary - Year to View
>> Limo Reviews
>> Postcode Subsidy Control
>> Pricing Diary
>> Pricing Ratios
>> Radius for Pickups
>> Recommend a Friend
>> SEO and Promotion
built in Google and Yahoo sitemaps
Store functions updated automatically so your store is always kept fully up to date

*Automatic upgrades are subject to the host server allowing an external connection to our server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we need a training course to use the software?
Absolutely not! The LimoPlanner software has been designed specifically to make life easier for the limo hire company as well as your customers. We can add all your limo details on your behalf if you'd rather not do it yourself, and the only information you're ever likely to change are your hourly rates, as well as adding special seasonal rates. Basically, once we've set up your LimoPlanner website for you, you're good to go!

Is it easy to add our limos to the database?
It is ridiculously easy! You only have to enter the limo name, the number of seats, and write your own description for the internal features of the limo. There's nothing more to it, and as soon as you click on the submit button, your limo is available for your customers to book.

How difficult is it to add all the limo images?
The LimoPlanner software is written with simplicity and time in mind. We don't think you should have to spend time resizing photos for thumbnails, large images or even enlargements so we've created a very simple upload procedure which allows you to browse your own hard drive for the limo images, which are then uploaded to the webspace and you'll only ever have to upload a single large image because the software resizes everything for you. A typical limo with eight images can be uploaded in just over a minute, and all various sizes are automatically generated by the software as required. You even have the option to switch on curved corners and drop shadows without having to add them to the photograph beforehand.

How will I know if someone books one of our limos?
You will be notified by email immediately. As soon as the booking has been confirmed by the customer, an email is sent to let you know that a booking has taken place. This email will contain full details of the booking, including time, date, pickup and destinations, as well as the price breakdown. Your customer will also receive email notification for their own reference.

What if I lose the email or someone deletes it?
Your Limo Diary Manager is set up to let you select any individual limo for any month and display a full "month to view" screen showing which days have bookings and which days have yet to receive any bookings. Clicking on any of the days will immediately take you to a "day to view" screen with each hour listed separately to let you see which hours are still available and which have been booked out. Hours with bookings will contain the customer's name in the slot, as well as their invoice number and a link to view the full booking.

Can I set special rates for certain days?
Yes, with the Pricing Diary you can very quickly set different rates for as few or as many individual dates as necessary. Simply select the month and year from a dropdown list to see a "month to view" page where you enter individual additional rates on any of the days. For example, if your typical rate is £50 per hour and you wanted to charge £75 per hour on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December then you'd enter "25.00" into the additional rate box for each of those days and your customers will be shown this seasonal subsidy within their realtime quotation.

When you say "realtime" do you MEAN realtime?
Yes, absolutely! There are countless limo hire companies boasting about their online booking system when, in fact, this isn't the case. They are merely asking for the customer to enter their personal details, the details of their prospective booking, and getting back to them by email or telephone with a fixed quotation and limo availability. This is NOT the case with LimoPlanner. Everything is calculated by the software in realtime without the need for human intervention at any stage. When your customer enters their information (pickup postcode, destination postcode if necessary, the time and the date) then the LimoPlanner software not only checks your live Limo Diary database for availability but it calculates their full cost in realtime, including any outlying area subsidies, any seasonal rates, and any other additional fees. If the limo isn't available, it won't be shown to the customer. If it's shown to the customer and they're happy with their LIVE quotation, they'll book the limo and it'll IMMEDIATELY be added to your live Limo Diary to prevent anyone else from booking it.
Your LimoPlanner website is a realtime, live booking system.

We would rather take a deposit for the booking and balance on collection!
That won't be a problem! The LimoPlanner software is already set up to allow for this exact scenario. All you need to do is let us know what you want your deposit amount to be and we will set everything up to ONLY take this amount from your customer to secure the booking. Their confirmation email, and your booking email, will contain the full booking total with the deposit shown and the balance to be collected at the time of booking. All you need to do is make sure your driver or administrators are able to collect the balance.

How long will it be before I'm up and running?
The first stage is to approve the actual design of your new online limo booking website, and the rest will fall into place in a matter of days. In most cases, your website will be ready to take bookings within three working days of the design approval.

Can I take realtime credit card payments for bookings?
If you have a merchant account, you can either use the "cardholder not present" method and collect the full credit card details through the ordering process. For those of you requiring immediate processing, the LimoPlanner software comes with the ProtX gateway built in, allowing you to use the very secure ProtX payment gateway to take credit card payments. The ProtX service is well known as one of the most secure payment processors around, and their efficiency means that the money will be in your business account the very next morning. There are countless security checks in place to ensure that you're always dealing with the legitimate cardholder.

Can I run ProtX through my own webspace?
That depends on what your hosting provider has set you up with. Due to the very high security of ProtX, they require a dedicated IP address for your website and prefer for all data to be sent through a secure connection (SSL). In most cases, your hosting company won't provide you with a dedicated IP address and will ask that you buy your own server to be able to run ProtX VSP Server transactions, but we offer our own dedicated IP hosting at a vastly reduced rate. Please ask for more information.

How much maintenance will I have to do on my site?
To be honest, very little. Obviously, you'll be required to check your emails regularly so that you're notified of bookings immediately, and you may have to look up a customer's details now and again if you misplace their contact details, but that's really all you'll have to do. The LimoPlanner software takes care of the rates, the booking, the availability checks and the confirmation emails for both parties.

How much do you charge for the LimoPlanner software?
We believe that we charge a very competitive rate, given the complexity of the software and the simplicity of the customer and management interface. If you're interested in discussing the possibility of having LimoPlanner for your business, please do get in touch. Rest assured though, we don't play around with figures. We have a single set rate for the software and we WON'T inflate it if we think you can afford it. The cost is the cost, to everyone with no exceptions.

Can I see the software in action?
Yes, of course you can! Nothing shows the simplicity of the LimoPlanner software more than a run through of the customer's booking process through to the administration area. Unfortunately, to protect our software, we do not provide a public demo service and we ask that you contact us if you'd like access to a demonstration area



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